Helpful Links

As you have possibly found out it’s a great big world wide web out there ! So how do you find the helpful content you are looking for ? Yes there’s Google, but type anything in the search box and you are very likely to come of with results that will number in the thousands, if not hundreds of thousands !

Here we have found some of the most useful sites where you can find info relating to the over 50’s, these are not in any order of importance and although each link has a short description about the site it is in no way the whole of what they do.

Silversurfers a place to find items for the over 50's


What are they ?
Silversurfers are a group of like minded people enjoying an entertaining and informative lifestyle with an active social network.

Who are they for ?
Well the name suggest’s it all really, it’s for the over fifties who still like to think of themselves as having loads of life and living to do !

What will you find ?
More stuff than you can shake a stick at !
There are articles, such as

  • Health
  • Food
  • Finance
  • Culture & Travel

To name but a few

The community section holds

  • Prize Draws
  • Chat
  • Forums

They also have something called “Speakers Corner Articles”  There are holiday options as well with discounts on many other things, well worth a look !

We do have to mention that in No Way do we endorse or recommend that you follow their advice, it’s just places that we have found helpful 😀

As always be careful out there !